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As per the guidelines given by the UGC in F.No.6-30/2005/U-5, dated 6.12.2005, the said Advisory Committee and Cell is functioning in this College.

Advisory Committee Mobile
The Principal - Ex-officio President 9840345875
Dr.M.Dhanusu, Associate Professor of Commerce 9444154208
Dr.S.Soundararaj, HOD of Economics 9566011368

 SC/ST Cell:

Mr.M.Kolangiyappan, Associate Professor of Corporate 9444310343
Dr.A.Ramanidevi, Associate Professor of History 9444021699
Dr.A.Ranjith, Associate Professor of History 9380715017
Mr.N.Palanisamy, Assistant Professor of Tamil 9444724269


The grievances, if any, may be brought to the notice of the said Cell and the Advisory Committee and the grievances will be redressed suitably as per the provisions given by the UGC.

 NCC :

           The U.O.T.C has now given place to the NCC. The National cadet corps is part of the nation-wide programs to improve the physique, stamina and the character of young men, as well as to equip them with military, training.  Special emphasis will be laid on discipline.  Discipline means mental and moral self control resulting in orderliness a proper subordination and the capacity for cooperation.  The importance of discipline consists in its being the basis of morale and producing a proper conception of duty.  Self discipline culminating in collective discipline is the end of the NCC.  It fosters the spirit of self-reliance, service and sacrifice in such a way as to harness the creative energy of youth for constructive purposes in building up the edifice of a powerful, happy and prosperous nation.  The NCC aims at stimulating interest in the defense of the country building up a reserve of potential officers and the development of leadership, character, comradeship and love of service.

Report for 2011-2012

 NSS :

          Every student will have opportunity to carry out subject-related community and social service for which marks will be allotted.  The college has an NSS unit and its programs are carried out as per regulations of the University.


  Every student will have opportunity to carry out subject-related community and social service for which marks will be allotted





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• STUDENTS' ATTENDANCE - All the students must earn minimum 75% of attendance to appear the University Examinations. It is compulsory. Otherwise, the permission for examination will be denied.