As per the guidelines given by the UGC in F.No.6-30/2005/U-5, dated 6.12.2005, the said Advisory Committee and Cell is functioning in this College.

Advisory Committee Mobile
The Principal - Ex-officio President 9444447586
Dr.M.Kolangiyappan, Associate Professor of Corporate 9444310343
Dr.R.Natarajan, HOD of Economics 9445264528
Dr.S.Palanisamy, Associate Professor of Tamil 9444124269

 SC/ST Cell:

Dr.G.Karunamoorthy, Associate Professor of Economics 9443521771
Mrs.G.Vijayarani, Associate Professor of English 9884257225
Dr.S.Uthamakumar, Assistant Professor of Tamil 9444666313

The grievances, if any, may be brought to the notice of the said Cell and the Advisory Committee and the grievances will be redressed suitably as per the provisions given by the UGC.

News & Events

• STUDENTS' ATTENDANCE - All the students must earn minimum 75% of attendance to appear the University Examinations. It is compulsory. Otherwise, the permission for examination will be denied.