Raja Sir Ramasamy Mudaliar Gold Medal To the students of the College who stands first in the Philosophy branch of the B.A. Degree examination
Mc Donald Gold Medal To a student who takes the highest place among the B.Sc. graduates of the year in Physical Sciences
Sri Rangam Chettiar Gold MedalTo the students who stands first in English in the B.A. Degree Examination
Oletti Ranganayaki Ammal Gold MedalTo the Vysya students of the College who secure the highest places in the Pre-University B.A. and M.A. Degree Examinations
Poppy Chetty Ragaviah Gold MedalTo the Vysya students standing first in English in the B.A. Degree examination (Awarded by the Pappi Chetty Charities)
P.Thiruvengada Mudaliar Gold MedalTo the first Non-Brahmin Philosophy graduate of the College in the year
Guru Brahmananda Swami Gold MedalTo the student who passes first in Sanskrit in the pass degree examination
Venkada Badrachalam Gold MedalTo Yadhava students of the College who secure first rank in the Pre-University and B.A. degree examinations
Dr.S.Rangachari Gold MedalTo the graduate of the College who secures the highest number of marks in English, Sanskrit and Mathematics
Soora Munusamy Chetty Gold MedalTo a Vysya I class pass graduate in Mathematics failing which to the first ranking I class Mathematics pass graduate of the College.
Sri K.Brahmananda Reddy - Ex.Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Gold MedalTo a student who secures highest marks in III B.A. (Hiistory)


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• STUDENTS' ATTENDANCE - All the students must earn minimum 75% of attendance to appear the University Examinations. It is compulsory. Otherwise, the permission for examination will be denied.